Acalanes Winter Week 2022

By Cedric He, Staff Writer

// Ahead of finals week, Acalanes Leadership hosted Winter Week, a six-day series of winter-themed events and activities that lasted from Dec. 5-12. 

   “[Winter Week] has been a tradition in Leadership that happens every year in December. It is a super fun time with different dress-ups each day and activities throughout the week,” rallies board member and sophomore Jane Schrader said.

   The rallies board, which was in charge of planning the week, sought to create worthwhile events that all students would be interested in experiencing.

   “We as a board sat down to plan what each person needed to bring, map out what each activity would look like, and what and where we need to have success,” Schrader said. 

   Monday’s dress up was bring your own blanket day, and at lunch students in all quads participated in cookie decorating and attended a winter-themed carnival held in the big gym. 

   On Tuesday, students dressed in candy cane colors and Leadership staff distributed festive candy canes and other sweets during break. 

   On Wednesday, the dress up was “Winter Weather Wednesday,” and students wore ski gear attire, complete with gloves, goggles, and wool hats. At lunchtime, they competed in a snowball fight. 

   On Thursday, students showed up in lumberjack themed attire and enjoyed hot cocoa in the morning before school. 

   Friday’s dress up was pajamas’ day and students joined together in making smores at lunch. Last but not least, the following Monday was Ugly Sweater Day.

   Overall, Winter Week provided students of all grades an opportunity to ease off of their academic obligations and de-stress before finals. 

   “Having events like winter week really bring up school spirit and encourage students to dress up in a way they might have never done before,” class treasurer and sophomore Unubat Munkhsuld said.

   Many of the students who participated throughout the week found their experience to be fulfilling and worthwhile. 

   “My favorite event was ski gear day because I’m kind of a snow person and I really like cold weather,” Munkhsuld said.

Graphic by Gabi Gruber, Online Editor-in-Chief

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