Acalanes Hosts Second Semester Club Day

By Maddyx Bride, Staff Writer

// Despite the turbulent rainy weather, the Dons still showed up for Acalanes’ biannual Club Day on Jan. 13 in the small gym. 

   Blueprint covered profiles on new and renewed clubs from the second semester Club Day.

Bookshelf Foundation Club

   The Bookshelf Foundation Club works to promote reading and aiding underprivileged communities through donating books. 

   “Our club has the goal of donating and fundraising books and money for underprivileged areas in the Bay Area and around the globe,” Bookshelf Foundation Club Vice President and junior Nicole Parlett said. 

   The Bookshelf Foundation Club meets every Thursday in the Library.

American Sign Language (ASL) Club

   The ASL club focuses on teaching Acalaned students sign language and raising money for organizations to help the deaf. 

    “Our goal is to help people learn some basic sign language to bridge the gap between the deaf community and the hearing community, because I think it is really important for everyone to know some basic sign language,” ASL President and junior Elyssa Gutman said. 

   The ASL Club meets every Thursday in the Wellness Center. 

How She Did It

   How She Did It is a new club this semester based on the book How She Did It by Molly Huddle and Sara Slattery. The club intends to inspire female runners to continue to achieve their athletic goals.   

   “We are a club of runners, especially female runners, about getting proper nutrition, and training. Our club is based on a book by two professional runners and it’s a collection of interviews with a bunch of professional runners and how they became such great athletes,” How She Did It President and junior Olivia Williams said.  

   How She Did It meets every other Wednesday in room 412.

Asian Student Union (ASU) Club

  The ASU is a recurring club at Acalanes that offers a safe space for anyone who wants to learn more about Asian cultures. 

 “It’s mainly about creating a safe community for people to explore different Asian cultures and most of it involves food. We do potlucks, and it’s more of a social club and a safe space to make friends,” ASU President and junior Kira Chan said.  

   The ASU Club meets every Wednesday in room 308. 

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