A Profile of LPIE’s Mission and Vision Poster Design Contest Winner: John Cain

By Maddyx Bride and Sophie Gold, and Aya O’Neal, Staff Writers

// Out with the old, in with the new. Every classroom across Acalanes displays the newest mission and vision poster. 

   Following Acalanes’ revisiting of its mission, vision, and the Lafayette Partners in Education (LPIE) hosting a poster design contest, LPIE announced senior John Cain as the winner on February 14. 

   The poster contains unique designs, which help his poster stand out from other submissions.

   “I wanted to make something that was textured because I had a feeling that it would stand out from the other designs that were submitted and I wanted to make sure my text in my design was unique and I did that by making that text transparent a little bit,” Cain said. 

   Cain also creates artistic graphics for the Acalanes football Instagram account “dons12thman.” These designs helped him to cultivate his Mission and Vision poster.  

   “I used previous designs that I’d made as inspiration. The previous designs were for the Instagram account dons12thman where I make the graphics for sports games and it seemed pretty similar so I just used those for inspiration but with the prompt that was given to me,” Cain said. 

   Cain is excited and proud to leave his legacy around campus. 

   “I feel great about winning, I’ve received a lot of congratulations and I’m very proud of myself for winning,” Cain said.

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