Competitive Stunt Cheer Concludes Season With High Spirits

 By Gus Mckinney, Online Content Manager

// The competitive cheer team (2-10) finishes off a season with countless injuries and plenty of tough games. 

The team carried momentum into a game on March 24 against Miramonte. When it was all said and done, the Dons came out on top 8-4, a stellar performance out of Izzie Quin leading the game. Later that same day, they lost to College Park 0-17.

   A new coach, Coach Faith who competed in cheer at University of California Berkeley, leads the team. She has immediately made a strong impact. 

   “Our coaches should take all the credit for our success because their work ethic and coaching abilities are so helpful and they’ve made everyone so much better,” sophomore Skye Platto said. 

   On March 28, the team put up strong efforts against Concord and Clayton Valley, but lost 1-13 and 0-16 respectively. The team has had a rough season in terms of health, losing several of their important players.

   “About halfway through the season we lost a Flyer because of a broken ankle which really changed how we can do at games,” Platto said.

   The team did not play again until April 14 when they faced off against Clayton Valley again and Alhambra. They lost to Clayton Valley 0-18, and they lost to Alhambra 1-16. Although the results have not been ideal, the team is still happy with how they have progressed. 

   “Overall, we had a good season. While it was not our most winning season by far, it was very much a growing season. We have progressed in our stunt skill levels and tumbling tremendously,” Cheer Coordinator and Head Coach Chrystal Williams said. 

   On April 18 the team faced off against Alhmabra again, losing 1-16. However, on April 21, the team defeated Las Lomas 15-10. 

   “The Las Lomas match was a fun one. To be honest, we had a lot of nerves going on that night. But what I think helped us bring home the [win] was having a mix of new & veteran girls. The vets were able to help calm some of the nervousness and the new girls brought their positive energy to the mat,” Williams said.

   Although the team hasn’t had the most successful season, it was not a failure. They developed as a team, in spite of missing the playoffs.

   “Playoffs this year are not on the table for us, but I am proud of this team nonetheless. We have grown so much and progressed in skills in a fairly short amount of time. Playoffs slipped away from us this year, but at the pace we’re going, it’s very much in reach for next season,” Williams said.

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