The Azure: May 2023

What is The Azure?

The Azure is Acalanes High School Blueprint’s literary magazine. We partner with Lafayette Partners in Education (LPIE) to publish the winners of Project LPIE, and we accept submissions directly from the Acalanes student body to create this publication. This year, Azure Editor-in-Chief, Blueprint Coordinator, and senior Juliana Upp spearheaded the project.

Copies of the print edition of The Azure are available at Acalanes in room 209 for free starting Friday, May 19.

2D Art

3D Art


“Charitable Crochet”

By Adelina Zheng, First Place.


“Lafayette Library Public Art Library Hosts New Ukrainian Exhibit”

By Cedric He, First Place.

“Drag Queen Story Hour: Bella Aldama Performs at the Lafayette Library”

By Robin Parmele, Second Place.

Editorial Writing

“Not Every Christian is a Cultist”

By Marisa Guerra Echeverria, First Place.

Video Production

“Who We Are (A Short Film)”

By Jace Bowler and Hadeh Sanchez, First Place.

Digital Design

Page layout by Lulu Levy and Kiran Foster, Online Editors-in-Chief

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