Delving into the Darkness: Local Haunted House Review

By Sophie Gold and Melisa Adatepe, Business and Community Outreach Team Member and Staff Writer 

// Anxious guests stand in the shadows, anticipating the terror of entering the dimly lit path where they will soon witness elaborately costumed characters who lurk in the night.

   On the weekend of Oct. 28 and 29, the Lafayette Youth Commission (LYC) hosted their annual haunted house at the Lafayette Community Center for all to attend. 

   The LYC moved the event outside along the trail behind the Community Center instead of inside the Jennifer Russell Building this year due to the construction of the center.

   “This year, we made a significant change by hosting the Haunted House outdoors on our beautiful trails. This decision was influenced by the ongoing construction at our playground and the limited space near the Jennifer Russell Building, our usual location,” Recreation Coordinator at the City of Lafayette Justin Bodily said. 

   The LYC played a key role in the planning and execution of this event and focused on creating an accurate bayou theme for the event. 

   “The Lafayette Youth Commission played an integral role in the planning process, contributing to the selection of the theme, designing scenes, and devising the overall execution of the event. We opted for a bayou theme, which suited the outdoor space perfectly and allowed for a natural and immersive setup,” Bodily said.

   Although moving the Haunted House outside presented some challenges, it was a successful event that the community enjoyed.   

   “It was much better than last year’s, which was inside. It was better outside,” Stanley Middle School student Eliora Gones said.

   The level of fright induction varied from those who attended the walk. Many found the event to be thoroughly frightening and appreciated the interactive environment produced by the young actors.

   “I thought it was really fun, but I was definitely scared at some parts… [What scared me most was] all the jump scares. They came out of nowhere and started chasing you,” Burton Valley Elementary student Sadie Shuai said.

   Others thought the haunted house could have implemented more heart-racing features.

   “I thought it was fun. I thought it could’ve been scarier, but I like that the set design was really realistic like the makeup and blood and everything. It was good, just at some points it could’ve been scarier,” Stanley Middle School student Camille Dugin said.

   Overall, the LYC’s Spooky Walk provided an opportunity for community members to enjoy a Halloween-spirited night in a local environment.

   “Everyone was screaming, even the parents who came with us… I think all the actors did really well like they actually fooled us,” Burton Valley Elementary Student Maeve Welton said.

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